Book Podcast?

I haven't talked about this on my blog much at all, mostly because it's been in the works for a month or two now? But as I am editing and gearing up to post my first episode, I need to announce it everywhere! I am hosting a new podcast called Judging Book Covers, which is … Continue reading Book Podcast?


Podcast Re-Listen: The Black Tapes

My original post about The Black Tapes podcast still gets a hit or two a day. I always find it amusing when the search term that led to my review is "Black Tapes Podcast Real?" (Spoiler alert โ€” despite a friend of mine claiming he listened to Hastur Rising when living in Seattle, the podcast … Continue reading Podcast Re-Listen: The Black Tapes

Podcast Worth a Listen

So I love podcast, in case you didn't know. They get me through my day, and occasionally my subway rides if I don't feel like reading (in other words, typically my morning rides). I can't remember what my first podcast was, but I know which one I fell in love with first: We're Alive. I've … Continue reading Podcast Worth a Listen

The Black Tapes – a quick podcast review

I'm almost done with reading theย Hex Hall series, but I figured I would talk about the podcast I've been listening to all week. I guess first I should start by confessing... I seriously love podcasts almost as much as I love movies.ย  I can binge listen to podcasts almost as hardcore as a Netflix marathon. … Continue reading The Black Tapes – a quick podcast review