Hike 2: George Washington Bridge

With my editing project and the blizzard that hit in January, I didn’t have a chance to get out and go hiking more than once last month. I actually debated not going out today as it is a bit chilly still, and I wasn’t entirely up for leaving the city. Still, I knew that a good bit of my February was planned as I have two friends staying with me over the next few weekends. Plus my sinuses are a bit meh, and I have had a headache for 2 days. But if I didn’t get out of the house this weekend, I would definitely regret it.

My original plan was to hit up Fort Lee Historic Park, but I didn’t want to take the bus, nor give up the opportunity to work on my overwhelming fear of water. And, as I found out on the way to the bridge, the 175 St stop was closed for the A train. So my hike was not as nature-y as I am accustomed to, but I did get close to 4 miles in today. Or rather, I got about 10,000 steps in, as my Fitbit has me clocked in just under 15,800 steps, and it takes me about 4,000 round trip to and from my subway stop.

Location: George Washington Bridge
Distance: 3.8 miles
Hiking music: Gilmore Guys Podcast

Guys – it’s a payphone. PAYPHONES STILL EXIST!

I took this picture at Time Square, where I transferred over from the N Train to the A Train.

George Washington Bridge

I had to walk over half a mile to get from the subway to where I took this picture. The George Washington Bridge is quite beautiful (and it was such a beautiful day!)

Stepping onto the bridge – New York to the left, New Jersey to the right
Look at me, I’m standing over water! (OH GOD.) 

I wish these pictures showed more of the contrast between how many buildings are in NYC and the Jersey skyline.

Straddling the state lines! There isn’t a cool Welcome to NY sign, surprisingly.


Okay so, even after I got to NJ, I still thought about going to Fort Lee History Park. Unfortunately, there was more snow than I expected, and I certainly wasn’t dressed warm enough. This is about the point I turned around to head back.


This was a touching tribute to a fallen police officer on 9/11. Even 14 years later it’s still a beautiful well kept plaque and fresh/fake flowers.

The beginning walk back over the bridge. I wonder what decides cars on top and cars on bottom?



I found tennis courts! There were people out playing too. I considered walking down to them after I crossed the bridge, but I was way too cold.

And finally, the obligatory selfie picture. What you can’t tell is that I have two layers on under my hoodie.

52 Hike Challenge – Hike 1


In 2014, I hiked quite a bit. I started in February on my birthday that year, hiking at Red Top Mountain with my mom and younger siblings. We caught the bug and did a ton of hikes that year, all over Georgia. Then in 2015, my hiking slowed down quite a bit. I was just too busy making excuses on the weekend. And also, Georgia in the summer was brutal this year. And in November, I moved 1000 miles north. But I did go around Yellowstone and Grand Teton — both of which are gorgeous.

I love hiking, and it’s time to start making time for it this year. At first I was against signing up for anything, but a resolution to be more adventurous in my getting out and exploring my new state has led me to signing up for the 52 Hike Challenge.

I decided to do the challenge after my first hike of the year. I’ve consistently spent the last three Jan. 1st doing some sort of exercise — either tennis or hiking. I think this will officially become my tradition, as I’ve had pretty good years the last three years. (Superstitious, maybe?)

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 10.10.39.png

This is a picture of a waterfall in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. There are apparently 6 — we found 3 of them. Not the best laid out out trail, but at the same time, kind of a hard place to get lost in. We did about 7,000 steps in the park, which is gorgeous. I tried to find an apartment near the park, but I like my current park too.

I’ll get more pictures for future hikes! If you have any recommendations for the tri-state area, please share!