So much of exercising is considered a chore to most people, myself included. I have found two true forms of exercise that I actually love: tennis and hiking. Unfortunately, I live in Georgia, so occasionally hiking is cancelled by the extreme humidity and heat.

One day while reading….who knows what book, I realized that I would exercise if it meant I had to survive whatever adventure life awaits me. If I prepare for running off with The Doctor, surviving a zombie apocalypse, or living in some dystopia, I have to be in shape!

This led to my realization: I’ll make my workout plans revolve around a particular fandom. That solves both of my problems with exercise: a way to make an exercise plan, and a way to keep things interesting. This led me to  working on this post off and on all week, dragging my feet about posting it. I’m not sure if I am worried about if someone won’t like the idea, or most likely because it means I am committing to a workout plan.

I decided to break my fandoms up into monthly chunks. 4 weeks of exercise, with a “rest week” in-between (mostly to give myself an extra week to plan out my next month.)  I’ll post a general schedule for the week, with a breakdown if anyone wants to see. There will be weekly progress updates which are either going to be “THIS WAS AN AWESOME IDEA” or “WHY, WHY DID I THINK THIS WAS SMART?”

Below is a list of the workouts and when they were done. I’ll also keep a running list of the weekly updates as well! Feel free to drop me a line if you want any additional information.

Divergent Series Workout August 31 – September 27


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