December Wrap Up

I think I am going to start doing monthly wrap ups and projections for the month. Seems like a fun idea, no? But it’s also a way I can keep myself on track. Especially as I work on my New Year’s Resolutions, which one of them is to stay more organized! So let’s see….

Books Read

I definitely didn’t finish as many books as I wanted to, so a few will end up on my “To Be Read” list next month. But here’s what I’ve finished for December:

  • Attachments by Rainbow Rowell
  • The Night Before Christmas by Scarlett Bailey 3/5 Moose (I can’t bring myself to review this chick-lit book.)
  • Santa Maybe by Scarlett Bailey 3/5 Moose
  • Married by Christmas by Scarlett Bailey – DNF My first DNF. That’s sad.
  • Secondhand Souls by Christopher Moore 3/5 Moose
  • Daughter of Deep Silence by Carrie Ryan 4/5 Moose (Review will probably come out tomorrow.)
  • 5th Wave by Rick Yancey (about 17% in the book and LOVING IT. I hope it stays this good.)

Projects Started/Finished 

  • Blanket and baby things for Grey Hudson (started)
  • 4th Doctor scarf (started)

Words Written

I wrote two starter ideas, and then restarted sketching my main book idea. This is here because a NY Resolution is to write more obviously.

Monthly Goals

  • Visit High Line – did not do (weather and drama)
  • Unpacked all my boxes (done! Though there is one more box to move down to the garbage.)
  • Organize kitchen (done! Thanks to my mom’s wonderful Christmas present)

Places to visit in my new city 

  • High Line
  • Museum of Mathematics  Visited – definitely for kids. Disappointing!
  • National History Museum – oh my god. the line?!
  • 9/11 Museum – Visiting with my mom today.
  • Union Square Holiday Market – Loved!



Book Review: Secondhand Souls

Sometimes it takes you nine years to write a sequel, and it takes the reader nine years to realize they needed a sequel! Secondhand Souls is the sequel to A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore. A Dirty Job  is on my top ten favorite books ever; I even remember the day I found it. The sequel is decent, though like many series, not as good as the original. I’ll try not to spoil it too much, but some minor spoilers to follow. So without further ado…


Secondhand Souls

by Christopher Moore

Published 2015

Format: eBook
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Humour
Rating: moosemoosemoose 3/5 Moose


Set a year after Charlie Asher has died (to the world – to close friends, he is actually trapped in a the body of a 14 inch meat suit by his Buddhist nun girlfriend Audrey), San Francisco is starting to feel a shift in the balance. Souls are mysteriously disappearing, and it’s not because the Death Merchants are collecting them. Someone or something is stealing them, and the only clue involves the Golden Gate Bridge. The group from A Dirty Job must get together and figure out what’s going on, before the Underworld tries to come topside again.


THERE ARE SO MANY CHARACTERS. Let me see if I can organize this.

Major Characters

Charlie Asher – A former Death Merchant, beta-male, who is trapped in a 14 inch meat suit with a ten inch dong. Father of Sophie, the big D Death. He is trying to find a human body to move back to.

Minty Fresh – A seven foot tall death merchant. Owns a record store and a failed Pizza/jazz store. Probably the closest thing to a best friend that Charlie has, begrudgingly.

Alphonse Rivera – A newer death merchant and a semi-retired cop. Starts to realize something is wrong in San Fran, especially when the Emperor comes in looking to write down all the information of the dead who haven’t moved on.

Lily – A former goth who worked with Charlie and dated Minty. Had dreams of being a chef, but currently works at a suicide crisis center. She is grumpy and angry, especially since she has nothing magical or special about her.

Audrey- Charlie’s Buddhist nun girlfriend who trapped him in his current meat suit. She is in charge of the Book of the Dead, which is how she creates all the meat people.

Minor Characters

Sophie Asher – Depressingly not a main character, despite being the Big Actual Death at the age of 7. Can kill any living thing by pointing at it and saying “kitty.” She is followed by two hellhounds (goggies) who have gone missing at the beginning of the book.

Jane and Cassie – Jane is Charlie’s sister, and Cassie is her wife. They are Sophie’s legal guardians.

Emperor of San Francisco and his dogs Bummer and Lazarus-

Wiggly Charlie/Bob/Meat People – The group Audrey created to save souls. Wiggly Charlie and Bob are the only ones who can speak.

The Man in Yellow – Also know as Lemon Fresh, who is Minty’s cousin. He’s the avatar for an underworld god. He’s also helping the Morrigan try to get back topside.

Mike – A Golden Gate Bridge painter who can see ghosts.

Rant, Raves, General Thoughts

I am actually not a Christopher Moore fan. I’ve tried a few of his other books, but I haven’t finished any of them but this one and A Dirty Job. Unfortunately, this book seems to fall more in the “why I’m not a Christopher Moore fan” than “YAY CHRISTOPHER MOORE” category. I need to also realize that if a book takes me longer than 4 days to read, I probably don’t like it too much.

I can’t express how much I love Charlie and Sophie, especially Sophie who has been living with Jane and Cassie. For instance, Sophie is currently vegan, which means she eats only chicken nuggets and cheese newts. I will read a third book if it’s about a grown up Sophie (or hell, if Sophie is the main character.) If it had been more about Sophie with such little action going on, I probably would have enjoyed this book so much more. I mean, quotes from Sophie:

A little girl’s voice said, ‘I am become Death, destroyer of worlds!’ Audrey held the phone out for Charlie. ‘It’s for you.'”

“At ‘tooth fairy,’ Sophie popped her head out the door. ‘I will smack that bitch up and take hr bag of quarters! I will not be fucked with!‘”

‘Their names are Death, Disease, War, and Sparkle-Darkle Glitter-tits,’ Sophie said. ‘They’re the four little ponies of the Apocalypse.'”

Yeah, the book would have been better if Sophie had been the main character. It wasn’t terrible, but very slow moving. I listened to a ton of Read It and Weep instead of reading this book, which serious makes me sad. The actual story – who is stealing the ghosts and why – is just very meh and kind of forgotten. I actually had to skim over parts – like the ghosts telling the stories of how they died – because I just didn’t care.

Final Verdict

If you’ve read A Dirty Job  and need to know what happened to Charlie and the gang, read this book. It’s not a terrible continuation, and it doesn’t set up for a third book, though if there’s one about Sophie, I’ll totally read it.

Top Ten Tuesday: Books Under My Tree


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s theme is “Books I wouldn’t Mind Santa Leaving Under My Tree This Year.”

I almost didn’t participate in this week’s meme, as I tend to buy books I want frequently. But then I remembered that Santa is magical and could totally bring me books that don’t exist!

Yes, Santa is creepy here, but not too many Santa winking gifs in life 😦 

I only did 5, mostly because I’m writing this instead of doing things I need to be, and because I couldn’t think of a ton more. So below is my list of books that I would want, whether or not they exist!

1. A Prequel Series to Harry Potter

I’m looking at you, J.K. Rowling! And I know I’m not the only one. First of all, I am SUPER EXCITED to hear more about The Cursed Child, but I would love a series about Harry’s parents getting in the war — I am guessing that generation had to grow up quickly too. Or more about McGonagall, or really anyone. This is one of the few series where I would not grown at the novellas or continuations. MILK IT, JO. (And seriously you are wonderful, thank you.)

2. The Next Book in the Shades of London series

So I know I’ll get this one eventually, but I doubt it’ll be a 2016 purchase. But I kind of need to know what happens next!

3. A Book that creeped me out as much as Christopher Pike 

After my Goosebumps days, I read a ton of Christopher Pike books. I can’t remember where I got the first one…or even which one was my first one. But they were wonderfully creepy to my middle school self. So creepy, that I actually could not finish Monster. It creeped me out so much that I actually had to give the book away to get some distance. I never tried to read it again, partially because I know it wouldn’t scare me this much (same reason I won’t go see my hometown library — it will ruin the memory.)

4. A Cookbook For One With No Leftovers 

Maybe this exists already? I don’t know. I just want a cookbook of good meals for one person that doesn’t leave me with leftovers. I’m not a big fan of leftovers, which leads to a lot of waste (I’m trying; I am!) or take out.

5. My Own Book, Finished and Bound!

Not that I would read it, but it would be fun to see. Which book idea though?


Book Review: Attachments

My second Rainbow Rowell book did not disappoint! I’m excited to read Carry On next. It took me awhile to write this review as the book reminded me far too much of how much I missed my best girlfriend. But I knew I’d have to finish it some day, so here we go…



by Rainbow Rowell

Published 2011

Format: Paperback
Genre: Chick-lit
Ratingmoosemoosemoose 3.5/5 Moose



Set in 1999, this book bounces back and forth between two perspectives — emails between Beth Fremont and Jennifer Scribner and regular proses revolving around Lincoln O’Neill, the IT guy hired as “Internet Security Officer,” which really means monitor the company’s emails. In theory, this book is told entirely from Lincoln’s point of view, as the emails between Beth and Jen are ones that get flagged as having issues. He knows he should write them up, get them to stop using emails for such personal communications, but instead he begins to feel involved in their lives and problems, and maybe even falling in love with Beth.

And how do you go about meeting the girl of your dreams when you know way too much about her?


Lincoln O’Neill – A nerdy, shy, hulking IT guy. Lincoln is stagnant in life, unable to move forward despite his numerous college degrees and potential. He currently works as the Internet Security Officer for a newspaper company. He also lives at home with his over protective mother.

Beth Fremont – A journalist who writes movie reviews. She is in a long term relationship with Chris, her college beau, a musician of a popular local band.

Jennifer Scribner – a copyeditor for the newspaper. She’s married to a guy named Mitch who definitely wants more kids while she’s forever on the fence.

Rant, Raves, General Thoughts 

Like I said earlier, this review is well overdue. 99% of the women’s interaction in this book comes from emails, and the emails were quite reminiscent of my conversations with my best friend Laura, who I happen to work with as well. I’m not kidding — I ended up calling Laura and reading her parts of the book, as well as sending her screen shots until I’m sure she was ready to kick me. All the chill sides of Beth and Jen represent Laura, while all the panic rants from both are representative of myself.

And I really miss my best friend, despite the constant communication.

I liked that this book was a mix of writing styles, and I was glad to have a chick-lit book from a guy’s perspective. That being said, I really didn’t care for the love story in this book. I didn’t dislike it per se; it was more of a take it or leave it kind of story for me. I found the book, with all the relationships, mistakes, and whining, to be quite realistic (obviously). Well, except that Lincoln turns out to be a stud with all the makings of a very nerdy guy. I’m not sure if I am buying that… (though if they are real, I’ll take one please.)


I like Rainbow Rowell, as it turns out. I am excited to read Carry On next. If you are looking for an easy read, give it a shot.

Infinity Dream Awards

Thank you Mari of Story and Somnomancy for the tag! If you aren’t following her, you should. She’s one of my favorite reading/writing buddies, and frequently posts food that looks ah-mazing!

The Rules

  • Thank and link the blog that nominated you
  • Tell us 11 facts about yourself
  • Answer the questions that were set for you to answer
  • Nominate 11 bloggers and set questions for them

The Facts

  1. One of the biggest deciding factors in my move to NYC was that I wanted to get rid of my car and never own one again.
  2. I refused to read Harry Potter for about a year or two after I heard about it for the first time because my elementary best friend told me she preferred it to Animorphs, my favorite series at the time.
  3. I am a bit of a movie snob, but I will make time for really crappy, really cheesy Christmas movies always. And I always tear up. The Hallmark Channel is currently my best friend.
  4. I actually win contests more frequently than a person probably should. I have won at least 5 that I can remember off the top of my head.
  5. I majored in English because I wasn’t skipping my Literature classes. I never had any intention of doing so, and I don’t find writing/papers to be my strongest skill.
  6. I crochet because I find it relaxing and productive at the same time.
  7. I have a mild addiction to make-up and hair products. I feel my hair is my best quality.
  8. I am so in love with love, but I actually don’t think I’ll ever actively seek it. I’m fine with this.
  9. I love making lists and notebooks. I have never finished an entire notebook, and I keep them for separate things.
  10. I have a very healthy understanding and don’t fear death, which people tend to find weird.
  11. I am pretty sure I am allergic to wine, which has led my to branching out in different alcohol tastings.

The Answers

  1. How would you prefer to arrange your bookshelves? As mine currently has no organization other than a very light “these books are kind of alike,” “these are kind of the same size,” and “do I want people to know that I own this?” I’d love to do by color or by rating, once I’ve read all the books I own (bahahahahaha…)
  2. Are you an outdoor or an indoor reader? Or, do you read by mood?  Hm. Right now I am a subway reader and couch reader. Prior to my move, I read while walking on the treadmill or while walking the mall primarily and still was a couch reader. So I guess this makes me an indoor reader?
  3. What type of book can you never get enough of even though you probably should give it a break and move on to something else for a bit? Dystopias tend to always be in my books to read or currently reading. Used to be mysteries…I kind of miss mysteries. And for awhile it was post-modernism fiction. And one point it was vampire novels. So I go through pretty natural waves. I’ve been in a dystopian one since May though….might be time to move on.
  4. If you could choose the movie/TV cast members for your favorite book, who would you cast for your five favorite characters? Since I’m currently reading the second Grim Reaper book by Christopher Moore, I think I shall cast the first, A Dirty Job, as it is one of my favorite books.
    • Charlie Asher: David Gareth Lloyd
    • Minty Fresh: Rick Fox
    • Jane Asher: Leighton Meester
    • Audrey: Rachel McAdams
    • Detective Rivera: Benjamin Bratt
    • Lily: Hayden Panettiere (especially Scream 4 Hayden!)
    • The widows: Kate Mulgrew and Emily Kuroda
    • The Morrigan: Shay Mitchell, Natalie Dormer and Janel Parrish
  5. If you could merge two of your favorite animals, which two would they be? (Weird question, but in my defense, I was thinking of polar bear dogs from The Legend of Korra…) Ooooh tough one. My favorite animals are moose and penguins, which would make a very, very strange animal. But both live in the cold, so it couldn’t be too bad? Just…quite possible ugly as can be.
  6. Do you prefer hot or cold weather? Cold weather. But everyone says I haven’t really felt the cold weather, so ask me again come April.
  7. What is your favorite fictional world? Harry Potter. This is my comfort, it’s like an old friend.
  8. What do you usually like to do besides reading? I crochet — primarily hats — and I play(ed) lots of tennis. I like hiking, which has currently translated to walking the city. I love listening to podcasts too?
  9. Do you tend to like having accompanying visuals/artwork in your stories or can you go without? I can go without quite easily.
  10. Tea or coffee? Hot tea, primarily of the green variety (or cold with lemonade, yum!)
  11. Angels or demons? I was all demons, hands down, until I just thought of Castiel. But, I think at the end of the day, I would much rather be evil without feeling consequences I guess!

The Nominees 

Their New Questions

  1. What is your favorite hot winter drink?
  2. What are your feelings on fan fiction, and which kinds do you read? (Like what series…not the kind of fanfic…)
  3. Can you read with noise / the tv on, or do you have to have a silent, no distraction zone?
  4. Who is your current fictional character crush?
  5. Cake, cookies, ice cream or candy?
  6. What is your favorite tradition of any holiday?
  7. Weird pizza ingredients?
  8. Why did you decide to start blogging?
  9. What’s your preferred method for relaxing?
  10. Zombies, vampires, or warlocks?
  11. Here’s $50. You can’t spend it on something practical, like paying a bill. What do you spend it on?

Book Review: The Red Queen

First of all, congrats to Victoria Aveyard for winning the Goodread’s Debut Author Award for 2015! I ended up voting for the book while reading it, because it was definitely a good one. It’s another YA dystopian series, which I think means I’m done with them for at least a month or two. (Got to take an occasional break, or I’ll start building a bunker at some point!)


The Red Queen

By Victoria Aveyard

Published: 2015

Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult, Dystopia, Fantasy

Format: ebook

Ratingmoosemoosemoosemoose 3.75/5 Moose

Quick Synopsis:

There are two types of people: those born with silver blood, and those born with red blood. Silver blood represents power and the elite class, while red blood presents the working class (bordering on slavery). And power does not just mean wealth – those with silver blood also possess traits such as fire starters, healers, mind control, and metal control.

The main character is Mare Barrow, a 17 year old with red blood. She gets a job in the Silver’s palace, where she comes to realize that despite her blood, she also possesses a powerful trait that she accidentally reveals to an entire silver blood audience.

Mare suddenly finds herself being paraded as a Silver princess raised by Reds, and betrothed to the second Prince. While she watches her every move in order to keep herself alive, she also begins to help the Red Guard, an uprising movement in those with Red blood. Government, politics, and love – nothing ever goes well.


Oh geez, like any YA book, there are SO MANY CHARACTERS (and I forget half of them).

The Important Three:

  • Mare Barrow – The main character, a female teenager red blood with silver abilities. Forced to pretend she’s a silver princess and is betrothed to Maven Calore.
  • Maven Calore – the younger prince, betrothed to Mare Barrow. Fire starter, always feels that he is stuck in his (half) brother’s shadow.
  • Tiberias Calore VII – called Cal. The older prince, heir to the throne. Fire starter. Helped Mare get a job in the castle originally.

The Not So Important Three (but those you should remember):

  • Julian Jacos – Cal’s uncle – the brother to the now deceased Queen. A “singer” – can control people’s actions. Teaches Mare both history and how to control her abilities.
  • Tiberias Calore VI – The current King, Maven and Cal’s dad. Cruel and cold and wanted to kill Mare from the beginning. I think he’s also a fire starter, but I’m not 100% sure it’s mentioned?
  • Elara Merandus – Current queen and Maven’s mom. She can read thoughts and force people to do things. Cold, calculating, and super evil.
  • Evangeline Samos – Cal’s fiance, picked during a competition. She’s also cold and seems to enjoy causing pain? Can control iron.
  • Gisa, Shade and all the other Barrows – Gisa is Mare’s sister, Shade is one of Mare’s three brothers. Her three (older) brothers have all been pushed off to war, while Gisa was set up to have an apprenticeship working with silk
  • Kilorn Warren – Mare’s childhood best friend, orphaned at a young age. Looking to go to into fishing, but his boss dies right before his 18th birthday. Eventually joins the red guard.
  • Farley – The leader of the Red Guard.

No seriously, there are still a ton of characters. And Silver houses. And colors. I’ll never learn them all. But these are all the ones worth knowing.

Rants and Raves:

First of all, I think I’m officially taking a young adult dystopia break. I’m getting tired, and there are so many fun things I could read. Now, that being said, I enjoyed this book for the most part. I like that Mare doesn’t seem to have her powers from the beginning – we aren’t thrust into the middle of her already having spent ages hiding this ability. We experience the horror of her getting her abilities, as well as follow her on a journey of understanding and controlling her abilities.

There is a bit of a love triangle (because only Divergent seems to be able to survive without a love triangle) but thank god Kilorn doesn’t seem to be in love with her. I am a firm believer that males and females can have platonic relationships, so thank you for that. Anyways, Mare develops feelings for both Maven and Cal. She goes through waves with both, and then occasionally reminds herself that she’s aligned with the Red Guard, so she shouldn’t like either.

And speaking of Cal, the way he picks his fiance. I’m still not sure if I have decided I’m okay with this or not. On the one hand, I braced myself for a Selection type set up (it’s not, thank god.) But on the other hand, it’s short and kind of meh. It’s literally like showing a prized cow, and Cal being forced to take the one who will produce the most milk. Sure, I know this what was intended, but nothing more? Not even a few days to make the decision?


I want more of the Red Guard. I want more of uprising, understanding it, understanding what their plan is. I want more of an organized uprising than most YA books have had recently. I want to know what the heck they planned to do against a group of people who have abilities where they literally cannot compete.

My honest to god biggest problem with this book is that I accidentally spoiled the ending for myself when I saw that there is a second book. So guys, know that there is a second book, and don’t look at it until you finished it.

Final Verdict:

I think this book was well written, though a bit longer than it needed to be. It took me longer to finish this book then the last 6 or so I’ve read, and I think it’s partly because I was only reading it on the subway. It’s good, and I’m looking forward to the next book. I’m hoping it’s more political and the love triangle kind of goes away (and that another one doesn’t pop up. I’m looking at you, childhood best friend!)

Podcast Worth a Listen

So I love podcast, in case you didn’t know. They get me through my day, and occasionally my subway rides if I don’t feel like reading (in other words, typically my morning rides).

I can’t remember what my first podcast was, but I know which one I fell in love with first: We’re Alive. I’ve donated, I’ve tweeted, I’ve followed religiously until the end (and impatiently waiting the new series). I moved to NYC far to late to attend any meet up, but seriously: if you love zombies, this is worth a listen. It ends well, it begins well, it’s creepy and different.

And I am going to do a re-listen soon, with a review of each season (there are 4, so why not?)

So here’s a look at all the podcasts I listened to in 2015. I’m going to start reviewing them more, because my Black Tapes Podcast review gets looked at at least once a week, and I never reviewed the second half of the season. Partially because I’m super angry.

I’ve made a good friend based on a mutual enjoyment of podcast, and I’m always looking for more recommendations/friends!

2015 Podcasts Worth Checking Out:

  • The Black Tapes Podcast — a Serial mock-umentary with demonic undertones
  • TANIS Podcast — solving the world’s craziest mystery
  • Serial (yeah I was late to this, and WHERE IS SEASON 2?!)
  • The Message — a 2015 War of the Worlds (I’ll review this one soon as it ended recently, and had a surprising twist)
  • The Nerdist — not a new 2015 podcast, and one I’ve listened to off and on for years. But if you love Chris Hardwick (I do) and if you love Wil Wheaton (I do) and if you are nerdy (I am) then this is totally worth checking out.
  • Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me! NPR — again, not a new 2015 podcast, but super amusing
  • The Flop House — seriously, I’m two days in on their 190+ episodes. Reviews of crappy movies, and they’re hilarious.

So yeah, a new part of my blog will be podcast reviewing. Enjoy it!


Top Ten Tuesday: 2016 Books


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly listed hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week top is 2016 “debut” novels, but I’m going to ignore the debut part of that….so here are the top ten books I’m looking forward to in 2016!

1) A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab

The sequel to A Darker Shade of Magic. I’ve read a small portion that she’s put out, and it’s fabulous. And again the cover is gorgeous AGAIN:

A Gathering of Shadows Final

BLACK LONDON IS BACK. WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN?! Eeeeeeee. If you haven’t figured it out, A Darker Shade of Magic is probably the best book I read this year.

2) Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

So I haven’t posted my review for book one, The Red Queen yet, but it was definitely a good one. I enjoyed it immensely, and I like that the cover theme is similar to the first book (and no teen model in a fancy dress. I’m looking at you, The Selection series. And speaking of….


3) The Crown by Kiera Cass

I’m going to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of this series, and I’m even less of a fan of the author. It should have ended at book 3. But this is apparently the last one, and dammit, I’m all about finishing series. And I kind of just want to know who she ends up with. But if it doesn’t end with this one, then I’m done. No True Blood series for me. Look, these books are easy and light to read. But mostly, I’m ready for them to be done.


4) Remembrance by Meg Cabot

There is going to be a book 7 of The Mediator series?! What the hell?! I’m game for this! I’ll be rereading the series in either January or February, because it’s been a few years (re: 2009) since I read the other 6 books. Unless someone has a lengthy synopsis for the first 6? But seriously, I loved this series.


5) The Shadow Queen by C.J. Redwine

Okay, you can’t judge a book, but the cover, but this cover is so pretty! I’ve seen some ARC reviews that seem positive, plus it’s a fairy tale re-telling. I’m game. But seriously, LOOK AT THIS COVER:


6) Heartless by Marissa Meyer

I love that YA is big in fairy tale re-telling. This is an Alice in Wonderland, Queen of Hearts background story. I haven’t read anything by Marissa Meyer yet, but I respect her work and it’s on my forever TBR list. This may be the first book. (Cover isn’t out yet, but I love her Lunar Chronicles series covers).

7) Fool Me Once by Harlan Coben

Look My. Coben. I love your books. I have since I was in high school. Tell No One is forever on my top ten list, and Myron Bolitar helped change my want list in a man. So…..can you release a new Bolitar novel? Please? Either way, I’m excited to read the next stand-alone book.

8) Passenger by Alexander Bracken

I can’t figure out exactly what categories this book falls into, but I like the idea of it. While I haven’t read any of her other books, this one sounds fascinating.


9) And I Darken by Kiersten White

GoT (which I don’t watch or read) but in the Ottoman empire, with Vlad the Impaler. Look, Twilight ruined vampires, but I still love them. And if this can make them freaky and good again, I’ll try it.


10) See How They Run by Ally Carter

Okay, so I haven’t read the first book of this series. But I loved her spy book series, and I’ve got her first book. And if they’re anything alike, I’ll enjoy it.


I’m looking forward to 2016 reads! The subway is definitely going to need some distractions……