Train Like You Are in …. the Divergent Series

Question: Does anyone really love to exercise?  Answer:  Surprisingly, yes.  So much of exercising is considered a chore to most people, myself included. I have found two true forms of exercise that I actually love: tennis and hiking. Unfortunately, I live in Georgia, so occasionally hiking is cancelled by the extreme humidity and heat. One … Continue reading Train Like You Are in …. the Divergent Series


Crochet Project: Knot Headband

I wish I had taken more pictures of this project! And it felt good to finally complete one after so long. I've got way too many unfinished projects sitting around. Anyways, this is a a knotted headband I made for an amazing friend of mine. It was made with Caron Simply Soft Party yarn. Caron … Continue reading Crochet Project: Knot Headband

Review: Hex Hall Series

Hex Hall Series By Rachel Hawkins 2010-2012 Hyperion Books Rated:  2.5/5 Moose This will probably be the last time I review something as an entire series, and instead focus on each book individually. But as hard of a time as I had getting through the first book, I figured I would go this route one more time. … Continue reading Review: Hex Hall Series

The Black Tapes – a quick podcast review

I'm almost done with reading the Hex Hall series, but I figured I would talk about the podcast I've been listening to all week. I guess first I should start by confessing... I seriously love podcasts almost as much as I love movies.  I can binge listen to podcasts almost as hardcore as a Netflix marathon. … Continue reading The Black Tapes – a quick podcast review

Waiting Wednesday: Furiously Happy

I probably won't do this meme started by Breaking the Spine weekly, but I do like the idea of having a way to record and dig through books I am excited about. Because, let's face it, I'll be excited about a book one day, and forget that it came out until months later! And doing this, I … Continue reading Waiting Wednesday: Furiously Happy

Top Ten Tuesday: Young Adult Science Fiction 101

I'm excited this is my first Top Ten Tuesday! This week's meme is "Top Ten Books that would be on your syllabus if you taught ______ 101." Now, I know I have seriously never wanted to be a teacher (my patience is too short!) But as an English major, the first question out of anyone's mouth … Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday: Young Adult Science Fiction 101

Operative Griffin’s Review of the Gallagher Girl Series

This is my first book review, so expect some mistakes! Gallagher Girl Series By Ally Carter 2006-2013 Hyperion Books for Children Rated: 3.5/5 Moose I decided to review the entire series at once, rather than each of the six books. They were all relatively short, so one longer review seemed appropriate. This series was recommended to … Continue reading Operative Griffin’s Review of the Gallagher Girl Series

Trying to understand boarding school…

....when you went to public school. I went to public school all the way through my undergrad, then did a brief and regrettable year in a private grad school (regrettable because the student loans? Oh boy.) While I do have some "experience," which is all chalked up to five years on an intense online community, … Continue reading Trying to understand boarding school…